What is the Beyond Burger Made of?

What is the Beyond Burger Made of?

What are the ingredients of the most sold vegan burger in our restaurant? We went looking for the secrets of the Beyond Burger’s flavour.

Vegan Junkies’ Beyond Cheeseburger.

The vegan burgers that simulate the flavour of meat have taken a crucial role as alternatives to products of animal origin. Here at Vegan Junkies, the Beyond Cheeseburger is our bestseller among the main courses. First-timers are always surprised and repeat customers are never disappointed.

Even though Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are becoming giants of the food industry, we know little about their production process. And so we went looking for answers…

This is how our stars pull up…

What’s in the Beyond Burger?

The main ingredients are: water, pea protein (18%), rapessed oil, refined coconut oil.

Besides that, it contains 2% or less of the following ingredients: bambu cellulose, methylcellulose, potato starch, smoke aroma, maltodextrin, yeast extract, salt, sunflower oil, dry yeast, Arabic gum. 

Antioxidants: ascorbic acid (citric acid), acetic acid (vinegar).

Dyes: beet juice concentrate, modified starch, apple extract e lemon juice concentrate.

Benefits of the Beyond Burger

One of the biggest advantages of the Beyond Burger is the environmental impact. The reduction can reach 200 times compared to burgers of animal origin. The reasons for such disparity are: decreased emission of greenhouse gases, less usage of production space, and the fact their production requires less water and energy.

Besides its sustainability and animal ethics benefits, the Beyond Burger can also ease the transition between diets for those who want to take on a vegan lifestyle.

But above all else, the Beyond Burger tastes really good!

Is the Beyond Burger healthy?

In all honesty: no. The Beyond Burger is highly processed, extremely caloric and some of its ingredients deserve plenty of attention.

For example, the pea protein of the Beyond Burger, despite being one of the most balanced and healthy sources of vegetable protein, is in the form of a powder that contains a high sodium count. Methylcellulose is usually used as a laxative. Maltodextrin has a high glycemic index.

With that, we recommend having the Beyond Burger in moderation: while the experience is amazing, the health costs might outweigh the satisfaction they bring.


We suggest you to think for yourself and reach your own conclusions. We’re quite fond of our homemade VJ Patty, made from fresh ingredients and 100% vegetable, true to the plant-based diet. It’s tasty, healthy and above all, quenches your thirst for junk food.

Vegan Cheeseburger – Photo by Douglas Santos.

The Vegan Junkies Cheeseburger

Because a great burger needs great company, at VJ we’ve created a tasty and balanced recipe:

  • Sweet potato bread, Beyond Burger, BBQ sauce, purple onions, Violife cheese and pickles.
  • Served with delicious fries and homemade Chipotle sauce.

Is your mouth watery already?

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