Vegan tattoo in Lisbon

   Let Lisbon make its mark on you! The good news is that you can, indeed, get a fully professional done vegan tattoo in Lisbon. Isn’t it cool?

   People have been etching tattoos into their skin since the beginning of time. But what about vegan tattoos? If you are thinking of getting a vegan tattoo then you need a specifically vegan friendly tattoo studio or artist. In Lisbon, there are several offering vegan inks/care items. However, we made it easier for you to choose from the best artists of vegan tattoos. Here is a list of Vegan Tattoo artists in Lisbon where you can get clean and quality vegan tattoo work done.

Vegan Tattoo artists in Lisbon

Gold Lisbon Tattoo- artist Thiago Amorim

Guess what? Gold Lisbon Tattoo studio cares about the environment and animals so its artist uses only vegan tattoo products. Thiago Amorim is now an important presence in the world of tattoos. Currently he has more than 40 national and international awards and is a regular presence at the most important festivals and tattoo contests around the world. Isn’t it cool? They believe that a good tattoo is a work of art and an extension of your soul.

This unique studio is a space that excels for qualified, personal and sustainable service. Here any mind blowing tattoo idea is done professionally. In addition of an unforgettable tattoo, you will also get a memorable experience. If you are curious, have a look at their website to get even more excited about making an appointment at Gold Lisbon Tattoo studio.

Alla Prima Lisboa

Are you looking for a vegan tattoo artist in the heart of Lisbon? Then Alla Prima Lisboa is the perfect destination for you! Besides, it’s more than a tattoo studio. Alla Prima Lisboa is all about excellence and high standards for quality and fine details. Moreover, they use vegan tattoo products and you will definitely have an ultimate tattoo experience there. You will forget the pain once you see their masterpiece on your skin, where it belongs to.

Alla Prima Lisboa has talented tattooers that stand behind authentic tattoo art. One of its talented tattoo artists is Ricardo Goncalves. He always seeks for ways to mark a gorgeous tattoo on your skin, making it flow gracefully with the body to enhance your natural beauty. Ricardo enjoys playing with contrasts and creating unforgettable tattoos on your body. Have a look at their Instagram page to see more of their work of art!

Atelier Vera Santos Silva

Atelier Vera Santos Silva has a special place dedicated to vegan tattoos. All the materials they use are vegan, not being of animal origin nor tested on animals. In this cool tattoo making space, you can ask for the execution of your desired tattoo that you have already defined or, you can ask the tattoo artists to create custom projects specially for you. Not to mention the fact that you will have access to the work process and you can request small changes that can make the entire tattoo design even more beautiful.

If you are looking for more inspiration for your future vegan tattoo then check their website. Do not hesitate to contact them for bookings and more personalized tattoos.

Queen Of Hearts Tattoos

What an awesome place for a vegan tattoo! Queen Of Hearts Tattoos studio is highly professional with incredible tattoo artists. One of them is Kim who, however, completely rocks! This tattoo artist satisfied many people with the final ink result. She is patient and helpful, you will simply enjoy her company. You will definitely be more than happy with a tattoo experience at Queen Of Hearts Tattoos. It’s a wonderful clean shop and the atmosphere is comfortable and will give you those nice chill vibes.

Here’s their Instagram page to prove how professional and original are their tattoo work.

Heart of Buddha Tattoo Shop

“Tattoos are better than love, hurts the same but stay for the whole life”

Heart of Buddha Tattoo Shop has a 15 years of history. Isn’t it impressive? Artist Ricardo Pires is the founder and owner of the studio and he works the art of tattooing with special preference in Realism, in color or black and white. His works are spectaculars and you can experience it on your own skin! Furthermore, they work with vegan tattoo materials too. If you are looking for a place to get a tattoo in Lisbon then you should go straight to Heart of Buddha Tattoo Shop . You will not be disappointed and you can check their Instagram page to see more of their beautifully done tattoos.

Vegan tattoo in Lisbon
A beautifully made vegan tattoo masterpiece on bare skin

Final Thoughts

To sum up, each one of tattoo studios that we listed above is different and nice in its own way. However, the best option is to drop by a few to speak with artists and check out their work. As the world changes and adapts, vegan tattooing process is becoming much more painless to find as time goes on. Finding a vegan-friendly tattoo artist and tattooing process you’re entirely comfortable with won’t come easy. But if you’ve wanted that special tattoo for long enough, you’ll find a way through persistence and passion. Though, we did our best to make your searching process easier and faster for you.

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