Vegan supermarkets in Lisbon

 As the heart of an ever growing cosmopolitan Portugal, Lisbon is leading a green revolution. This charming city has been increasing its vegan offer year after year. If you are in Lisbon, and still do not know where to fill up your pantry for the next dinner party, here’s our top 5 vegan friendly supermarkets in Lisbon.


Best Vegan supermarkets in Lisbon


   Siting at top of o Botanista, one of our favorite restaurants in town, you will find Pistacio. There you can find vegan food, drinks, and other surprises such as clothes, shoes, personal care products etc. All vegan and cruelty free! Their stock samples some of the most unique products from local business. If you are curious, have a look at their Instagram page to give your wallet the shakes. They open from Tuesday to Friday, 11:00-17:00,
Ps: they don’t accept payment by card but there’s an ATM right next to the store.


   Located at Rua dos Cavaleiros 10, BomMercado is a well kept secret ranging a massive list of vegan products, including fresh organic fruits and juicy vegetables. Don’t get fooled by its dimensions, their selection of dry foods and bread comes to prove that the best perfumes comes in the small bottles. Needless to emphasize more that if you’re looking for something very specific this store is the right one! Here’s their Instagram page to prove we are not lying.

    Open Mon-Sat 09:00-21:00, Sun 11:00-21:00.

Green Beans Market

Green Beans Market_Vegan supermarkets in Lisbon
100% vegan products that you can find at Green Beans Market

  Green Beans is located in the heart of downtown, at Rua das Chagas 31-33. It’s an all vegan market offering vegan cheeses, tofu, seitan, and powerful vegan wine selection for your next night in. You can also do your orders online and get it delivered by bicycle at your best convenience. In addition, there are many vegan products to choose from and a cafe at the back serving badass snacks! Also, they sell several items that cannot be found anywhere else in Lisbon. Furthermore, its friendly staff would definitely make your shopping experience more delightful! We recommend this store if you are anywhere around downtown!

Open Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00. Closed Sun.

Sapato Verde

Sapato Verde is the twin evil brother of Green Beans, While they are great to animals (all their shoes and clothes are vegan!), they will bring your lost sins to new levels. But no worries, your Karma is safe,All of their products are fully environmental friendly! If you are curious, have a look on their Instagram page or simply pop by for a visit. Another plus? As they share the same roof of Green Beens, you can join the best of both worlds, renewing your wardrobe, your pantry, and your belly.

Open Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sun 11:00-19:00.


  Celeiro is another excellent vegan food store chain in Lisbon. Therefore, it stocks a variety of tasty vegan products. For instance, organic fruits and veggies, along with various meat and dairy alternatives. Also, they have lots of nutritional supplements and natural medicines. We also love their line of artisanal vegan cheeses, but what sets this place apart from others, is the natural health section. They also offer fresh made foods and juice at your request. Have a look at their Instagram page to see more!

Open Mon-Fri 08:30-20:00, Sat 09:30-19:00, Sun 09:30-18:30.


Amanhecer is a Chefs paradise. Located in Lisbon China Town, and right below an Asian food market, here’s where local chefs go to find new inspirations. From Basics such as very cheap Tofu, to Banana Leaves, noodles and asian spices, this is your Wow factory.

Final Thoughts

   Briefly, its pretty difficult to choose a ‘best’ from vegan supermarkets in Lisbon. It’s probably much easier to choose the most convenient supermarket for you. Even at the regular big supermarket chains, you will be able to find your best treats. There’s a world of vegan possibilities in Lisbon, and it is up to you to go out and discover them.

If you are looking for extra inspiration, have a look a our menu as a big part of it is sourced from the options above. If you are a Lisbon expert and think we are missing something, do not hesitate to share your secrets by dropping a line in our Instagram page!

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