Vegan restaurants in Lisbon’s airport

Looking for vegan restaurants in Lisbon’s airport? Congratulations! You came across the right place, so keep on reading!

Lisbon’s Airport is always full of tourists hungry for delicious, vegan-friendly food. It’s a great place to drop off your suitcases and to go enjoy a tasty vegan meal. Here are some reasons why you might consider Lisbon as your next place to visit considering the vegan-friendly environment.

Best vegan food inside Lisbon’s airport

  Lisbon as an European capital city, respects the vegan culture and it will impress you in a pleasant way. At Lisbon’s airport there are vegan restaurants that are serving 24/7 specific food and snacks.Therefore, many passengers satisfy their vegan desires at Lisbon’s airport because of its wide variety of places where it’s worth eating. All serve vegan food with no exception and you will be able to grab a bite to eat without a problem.

Here we have a list of vegan restaurants and its food that can be found inside Lisbon’s airport:

  •     Go Natural: The Ceviche is the star of this place. It’s an all 100% cooking free course, where the ?salmon? is left to marinate in freshly squeezed lime juice. It’s served with avocado and mango, among with chili pepper, ginger zest and red onion that create a delightful taste. Just by reading these words you can already feel the appealing smell and most importantly it’s all healthy. What else could you ask for?
  •     Versailles: Known for surprising its clients with one of the most requested vegan food that they sell- “Tarte Au Citron”. It’s a lemon tart made of crusty pastry and filled with thick and satisfying vegan lemon custard. The creamy part is made of coconut giving more sweetness and that bit of adventure on tip of the tongue.  
  •     A Padaria: It’s a 100% Portuguese patisserie chain restaurants also common to the vegan style. However, it has introduced to the public the first vegan “Pastel de Nata”, one of the important gastronomic symbols of Portugal. This tiny but delicious custard pie has half of the sugar amount than a regular Pastel. The cream is made of coconut milk that tastes amazing according to the customers. Who said that eating vegan food is not tasty?

Top vegan restaurants near the airport for a quick transfer

Vegan Junkies

Delicious vegan burgers_vegan restaurants near Lisbon's airport
Our clients enjoying tasty vegan burgers at Vegan Junkies
We are located at Rua Luciano Cordeiro 28 and we definitely provide our clients with great food, great experience and great prices! Our place is not just a restaurant, it’s a precious culture lover place! Here you don’t go just for the food, you go to experience vegan life the best way possible. We do our best to make everybody feel like home. Oh yes, we have one of the best vegan burgers that surely will amaze you for its divine juicy taste. Moreover, they look great but they taste even better! When you’re deciding where to eat vegan burgers in Lisbon, we invite you to visit us without thinking twice!

Also, we have the most rich in taste vegan menu that we are proud of! It’s a perfect tandem between vegan and fine food art. It includes Superfly-BBQ wings, Loaded Nachos, VJ Shawarma, VJ Hotdog and sweets rich in flavor like fried Oreos cookies. Feel free to check the menu on our Instagram page.Above all, we give our customers the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable meal in the gorgeous heart area of Lisbon. You are going to experience a wide masterpiece of flavors. The quickest way to get to our restaurant is by Metro. From airport you will need to take the red line until São Sebastião and then change to the blue line until Marquês de Pombal. After getting out the subway station, it’s a 4 mins walking distance till you get to the final destination.Visit us, don’t wait no more!

Mother Burger

Located at Atrium Saldanha, this vegan restaurant plays with the food, but they do it good enough. Their clients can enjoy the tasty and not too traditional vegan style courses.However, it’s a chain of restaurants mainly for vegan burgers, so every customer can enjoy their burgers without leaving the vegan lifestyle. Besides, while enjoying these, you can taste their healthy milkshakes. Many customers said that it’s like playing Jackpot, some of them liked the experience, others didn’t really enjoy it. Though, give it a try and your experience there will be at least, reasonable. Check out their Instagram page to see more. To get there, just catch the red line of Metro at Airport until Saldanha. When exiting the station, Atrium Saldanha will be located at 50 meters distance from you.  

My mother’s daughter

Located at Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira 49, this restaurant is owned by a mother and her 3 daughters. Isn’t it lovely?. It serves healthy meals and drinks using wholefood ingredients. Apart from this, they have a nice menu starting with their wellness latte and finishing with raw tart.Additionally, for those who are in a rush, they have the business-lunch menu’s everyday.

An interesting aspect is that they are very careful with food disposal. Every single ingredient that was not used today will not go to waste. Even so, there is an aspect, a not so shiny one about this place. Their food is quite expensive for their size.The food quantities are not large enough for their price and it can be a little disappointing for some customers. Despite of it, it’s a nice place where you can enjoy vegan food. Once arrived at Lisbon Airport, catch the only Metro line (Red), and exit at the final station São Sebastião. There, you need to walk 150 meters up-street and you’ll arrive at this restaurant.

Wok to Walk

Located at Avenida Dom Joao II, 40, this chain of restaurants is close enough to Lisbon’s airport. They are not vegan, even so they provide a wide spectrum of vegan food and products. They mix many veggie ingredients such as mushrooms, pasta, vegetables, tofu, seitan etc. This chain of fast vegan food follows the front-eyes cooking for their success. A practical example is when the chef cooks and creates a sort of magic in front of the client’s eyes.We find it very cool! It’s a good place if you’re on a budget or for a quick lunch but it can’t provide a totally healthy vegan meal. It’s easy to get there, just by Metro from Airport and stop at the 3rd station-Oriente. This restaurant is located at top floor at Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall, which is right at the subway exit.

Las Vegan

Located at Rua Cavaleiro de Oliveira 53B, this restaurant is a famous one among the vegan lovers in Lisbon. They provide good service and there is a feeling like you are in a true vintage American dinner. It’s not too close to the airport but, we recommended them to all passengers who are not in a hurry. Their food is fine based on the customer’s reviews, and the restaurant ambience will make your experience at least worthy of giving them a chance. Check them out on Facebook! Now it’s not difficult to get here. Simply go to Metro from Lisbon’s Airport until station Alameda, then change to green line and exit at the Arroios Station. Once you arrived at Arroios, just walk 100 meters and you will surely get to their location.

Top vegan restaurants in downtown Lisbon for a half a day transfer

Plant Base

Vegan pizza very delicious at Plant Base_vegan restaurants near Lisbon's airport
Our delicious vegan pizza and vegan dishes that taste amazing
Located at R. da Oliveira ao Carmo 9, this restaurant is the definition of real food art. It will take about 10 mins by car to get there from the airport and 30 mins using public transport. By Metro from Airport until Alameda then green line until Baixa Chiado station. You’ll have to walk a bit, but be sure, it’s truly worth it! Here vegan food takes the spotlight as guests become its audience. Things such as music, lighting and artwork on the walls create comfort and joy. Furthermore, it’s a family member of us, Vegan Junkies . We make an everyday positive impact by being a collective vegan place. This restaurant stands out by giving to its clients the ability to share vegan recipes. Therefore, we can easily say that this is a very friendly, open and cosmopolitan place.

Plant Base knows to bring people together with the same love for one thing – vegan cuisine! Isn’t it amazing? Make sure to check out their Instagram page! There you can try vegan pizzas that are not only vegan but also very appealing. It’s really hard to say no to them…they taste heavenly like no other pizza out there! Each of their ingredient on its own has its delicious stomach growling smell. “Horacio” also has a talent for the vegan food here: vegan ragu, soy stakes, soy stew. Feel free to look at their yummy menu.Indeed, this is a true talented, collective, vegan friendly restaurant that is worth visiting. So if you consider yourself a true gourmet you should give it a try . You will most probably repeat and return to this restaurant not just once and we’ll be always waiting for you with a smile on our faces!


Located at R. do Crucifixo 30, Kong is a good restaurant for people with true passion for the healthy and tasty food. The customer can easily get here from the airport in 20 minutes using car or 30 mins using public transportation. To get to Kong you will have to make from Airport the whole red line, then change to blue line and exit at Terreiro do Paço; after this just go to the central downtown of Lisbon, Baixa, and voilà you are already there. Oven-baked bruschetta, vegan cheesecake, bowl of bulgur and the traditional Portuguese francesinha all cooked in a vegan style. Also it’s well known for group menu’s, you can check their menu and find something for your taste.


Located at Calçada do Combro 56, it is a little further from the Airport but closer to the Tagus River. 25 mins by car or 40 mins using public transport by catching the red line Metro from Lisbon International Airport until Alameda, then change to green line and exit at final station Cais do Sodre; walk 10 mins distance and you will get at their destination.

Legumi is a Japanese-vegan restaurant that respects the basic concept not to hurt animals and they respect mother nature. It feels so good to think that you can protect animals while enjoying Japanese vegan food. For sushi lovers, this is the ideal place to eat some vegan sushi and vegan dumplings that you can see on their webiste .Last but not least, you won’t regret if you try something with attitude for example, a special 40 sushi rolls of the chef’s choice. And don’t forget…yes, it’s all vegan!

P.S. a Metro ticket cost 1,50 EUR plus 0,50 cents for the travel card (Lisboa Viva). However, you can also charge a travel card with any amount between 5 and 40 EUR, by zapping. Use it freely to explore amazing vegan places in Lisbon!

Final Thoughts

    Altogether, our wonderful Vegan Junkies team can firmly affirm that there are many vegan restaurants near Lisbon’s Airport that are worth trying. As well as some budget-friendly vegan places if you know where to go. Either you are a passenger, or someone who just arrived at Lisbon Airport, however you will always have a quick, not so far and unforgettable vegan meal with your freedom of choice, at the airport or in one of the restaurants mentioned above that are located near to it.

At the places located inside the Lisbon Airport you will find exclusive vegan menu such as vegan smoothies, toasts, sandwiches, tofu stakes, lactose free cheesecakes, etc. We strongly believe that vegan people will never have trouble finding vegan snacks or food at Lisbon Airport Humberto Delgado and its surroundings.

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