Salad days are gone

Vegan Junkies is for…

* vegan kids and parents who don’t understand any of this
* those who love junk food and those who only eat it when they have a hangover 
* those who believe that veganism can save the world and those who follow fads
* Instagrammers and those who don’t even know what IG stand for
* those who love salads and those who can’t stand vegetables
* those who love hamburgers and those who prefer potatoes
* adventurers and for those who prefer to play it safe
* sportsmen and for those who prefer to stay on the sofa
* vegans and friends who eat a little of everything
* for those who love vegan food and those who think it doesn’t taste good
* for those who love cocktails and those who prefer beer
* for those who like french fries with a lot of sauce and those who prefer them without anything
* for those who eat a lot and those who stop at the  appetiser
* for those who believe they can save the planet and those who think global warming is a myth

After all, junk food is, like the best things in life, a love that deserves to be shared.

What have you missed?

Enjoy the taste of junk food without any cruelty. 

Kitchen beats

Every dish name is inspired by a song, check out official playlist and chill with our music while enjoying VJ’s food.