Vegan Junkies’ First Birthday

On Friday, May 1st, we celebrate the first anniversary of Vegan Junkies.

VJ Crew

With this in mind, we spent the last weeks debating the best way to celebrate this important milestone, especially considering what the country is going through.

So, we’ve had several ideas, many consisting in giving something back to our customers as a thank you for the support they gave us in our first year, but we actually believe that if they’ve supported us all along and have followed our growth it’s because they’ve seen we’re doing it from the heart.

We could go Live on Instagram and throw a great big party; create promotions and celebration offers for our first birthday; make posts on #VJBday; repost the love and support from our friends, but in times like these, actions matter more than giving yourself a pat on the back.

Therefore, we’ve decided that the best way to celebrate the Vegan Junkies’ birthday is by supporting those less favoured than us. Enter Refood…

Click here to learn more about Refood.

Refood distributes excess food to the population in need.

And so, this Friday on Labor Day, for each sale we’ll offer one of our menus (with a special burger from our new menu + fries) so that they can be offered through the Refood network.

Simple enough! Place your order and feast on the Vegan Junkies food while sharing this pleasure with someone who normally wouldn’t be able to have it.

With each order you’re giving away a menu to the Refood cause.

A HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! For being part of the VJ fam, for the smiles, reactions while eating with us, all the reviews and for making our home yours.

See you soon!

All the best,

VJ Crew

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