Vegan ice creams in Lisbon

   Are you wondering where to eat the best vegan ice creams in Lisbon? We got you! Nothing calms down the summer heat like frozen treats especially after hiking the city hills. A try of Lisbon’s delicious vegan ice cream is an excellent way to cool down during a hot Portuguese summer. 

   There are plant based ice cream shops popping up throughout Lisbon’s lovely streets. We invite you to read our list of the best vegan ice creams in Lisbon.We know you will never forget their appealing taste.

Vegan ice cream in Lisbon
A creamy custard texture magically into a thick, cooling, sweet vegan ice cream of different flavors

Best vegan friendly ice creams in Lisbon

Scoop n Dough

Do you believe in perfection in the smallest details when it’s about ice cream? You can find it at Scoop ‘n Dough that is all about delicious and quality made vegan ice creams. They use a meticulous selection of plant-based ingredients, with a tasty variety of flavors depending on your choice. The best thing about Scoop n Dough is that they offer authentic vegan flavors that are hard to forget.

Their Pistachio ice cream is a perfect tandem between cashew and coconut cream base mixed with pure Italian pistachio paste and roasted pistachio crumble.Each bite becomes a beautiful memory combined with a sweet note of freshness, perfect in hot summer days. Their Instagram page will definitely make you crave for their absolutely addictive ice cream!


Artisani are homemade ice creams with the texture and freshness of true Italian artisan ice cream. They use the best raw materials in the manufacture of their ice cream. Artisani  respects the origins of the ingredients, select the best dried fruits, the best cocoa beans and always working with seasonal and juicy fruits.

They offer a wide range of authentic handmade vegan ice cream with original and exotic flavors. If you have gluten or lactose intolerances  then you can find in their stores solutions, inviting you to visit them throughout the year. We assure you that their vegan ice creams taste incredibly good. Try one of the flavors and enjoy sitting inside their gleaming white venue.Have a look on their Instagram page to see that ice cream can be not only delicious but also very photogenic.


One of the best thing about Nannarella is the fact they have daily flavors so there’s often something new to try. Each day they offer different sorbet flavors, so Nannarella offers a variety of vegan options for the ice cream lovers. Vegan cones are also available here. Nannarella changes their menu on daily bases as they have three different types of ice cream: gelati, sorbet and special.

The owner exudes joy and passion, creating fabulous treats with exquisite creaminess and authentic flavor profiles. Nothing artificial and non-dairy options are also available. While you’re enjoying your Nannarella vegan ice cream, you may start to think about some words to describe this delicious experience to others. We can describe it in  2 words: pure bliss. You can see their appealing looking vegan ice creams on their Instagram page.

Mú gelato italiano

Mú gelato italiano is another must visit place for all ice cream lovers. The place is beautiful, the staff superfriendly and one of their many vegan ice cream options was the best we had in a long time. The creaminess and fresh flavour of their sorbets is the best you can find in town, and the tempting chocolate flavour probably in entire Portugal! It’s a fantastic vegan frozen delight! 

Mú gelato italiano is without a doubt easy to remember for their vegan ice cream that tastes heavenly. You won’t find weird flavor experiments in this establishment, just your tried and trusted chocolates, vanillas, pistachios, hazelnuts and sorbets that will impress you with their intense fresh taste.Also there is an excellent quality/price ratio which is another great reason to visit them! Here is their Instagram page to make you crave for their delicious vegan ice cream options.


Not sure what to order? No problem. Sorbettino doesn’t limit the number of vegan ice cream flavors regardless of the size of your cup or cone. A party in a bowl with vegan ice cream creamy goodness, it should be the Sorbettino’s signature for how good it tastes. They have lots of vegan options and it’s hard to choose just one flavor since all of them taste delicious.

The strawberry and dark chocolate is a must-try fantastic combo. It’s a unique consistency with an incredibly delicious and creamy texture makes this vegan ice cream unforgettable. It’s made with beautifully deep red and perfectly ripe strawberries are little punches of happiness.All of Sorbettino’s fruit sorbets are also delicious and vegan-friendly.  If you are curious, have a look on their Instagram page to see how a delicious ice cream should look like. As a nice bonus they also sell vegan chocolate bars that can be purchased individually or added to your cup.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Lisbon has great vegan ice cream if you know where to find it. We made sure our recommendations are all spoon-worthy ice cream shops.Here you are going to find ice creams shops that are fascinating with their never-ending fantasy and innovation in the art of vegan ice cream production.

Most of the gelaterias in Lisbon will have at least two or three fruity sorbet options for non-dairy clients to enjoy. For those looking for the creamy, gelato style experience without the added dairy, there are a few places in the city where you can go as well.Vegans will appreciate being able to enjoy a cold tasty treat while admiring the beautiful Lisbon. What’s your vegan ice cream flavor combo that you think it’s worth melting for? Let us know on our Instagram page.You can have a look on our website for more vegan food inspiration!

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