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The third vegan-friendly restaurant in Lisbon is Restaurant INTERTHAI, and it’s the first one where I didn’t know it was vegan. “I didn’t know it was Vegan” is a series of non-vegan restaurants in Lisbon where you can find vegan options. Because we know that we can’t always convince everyone to dine at one of the amazing vegan restaurants in Lisbon (we have a full list on our website, here is the direct link). So we decided to put together the best vegan-friendly options in non-vegan restaurants in the city.

With this new series, we will introduce you to some of the Portuguese hidden gems where you can find vegan surprises. “I didn’t know it was Vegan” is a series of articles and videos. So the goal of this series is to show people that you can find vegan options in many different restaurants. In addition we want to facilitate the lives of vegans with non-vegan friends always looking for a place to go eat. So what we prepared today is the third episode. Wwe feature the Thai restaurant “Interthai.” Keep on reading to find all the secret vegan dishes of Lisbon’s restaurants.

Vegan Friendly restaurant in Lisbon : The third episode is about INTERTHAI. 

INTERTHAI is a small Thailand’s Cuisine restaurant not far from the hospital Dona Estefânia, between anjos and marques de pombal area.

how to get there ?

Interthai is a Thai restaurant. And It is located in rua R. José Estêvão 25C, 1150-200 Lisboa. You can reach it from the metro station of Anjos and walk 10 minutes up hill or with the bus 760 from Praça Da Figueiras to Gomes Fiere and walk 550 m to the restaurant

About the restaurant: 

It opens every day except Sundays

  • 12–3 PM
  • 7–10:30 PM

from 12:00 h to 15:00h for lunch and for dinner from 19.00 h to 22.30h. Therefore it’s available for dine-in, takeaways, and drinks. Here you can find their website where you can check the menu and other activities organised from them

What to do around: 

Intertai is a great spot to eat with a low budget if you’re visiting the Bairro of Pena. If you want to visit some places in the neighborhood there are some amazing parks not far from it where you can bring your take away and eat between nature. My personal favorite is Jardim de Torel which has and amazing view on the city it’s perfect to watch sunset while enjoying some asian tasty bites just below this garden you can find a pool-fountain that you can enjoy in the summer days around there i a children’s playground, a library, and a café. 2 minutes from Jardim de Torel there is another park Campo Mártires Pátria a super cute park with two ponds and ducks everywhere. Which is another great spot where to enjoy your dinner or lunch in the nature.

If you want to walk a bit more you can reach Parque Eduardo VII, Sloped, scenic park featuring tree-lined walking paths, manicured lawns & distant water views. Form the top of Parque Eduardo you can have an immense view on the green park enjoy Lisbon’s view just under one of the biggest Portuguese flag. Just there around the park you can visit the Carlos Lopes Pavillion and Estufa Fria and Expansive greenhouse showcasing gardens with hundreds of exotic plants, plus waterfalls & statues.

The Food: 

Vegan Friendly Restaurants Lisbon

You can find a wide option of pad-thai, entrees, soups, curries and there is an entire section for vegetarian and vegan options. We started with sweet potato tempura, crunchy and soft at the same time and the perfect amount of sweetness. Then we ordered the smoked tofu pad Thai and green curry served with rice. Surprisingly Everything was made at the moment and the service was quite fast and courteous.

I didn’t know it was Vegan the serie

We highly recommend to try Interthai with your non vegan friend and nobody will complain. Do you have any Vegan Friendly restaurants in Lisbon to suggest us ? Please send us a message at veganjunkiesclub or at lisbonveganjunkies, or leave a message below. Here you can find all the articles about I didn’t know it was vegan. Stay tuned for more. Let us know what do you think about this vegan friendly restaurant and their vegan curry. 

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