Traditional Polenta ‘Taragna’ with Porcini

Back home Polenta is a typical and traditional dish. Now served during the winter and paired with meat, cheese or sauces. Back in the days was the poor meal, indeed polenta is made with corn flour and it is one of the most economic food you could find. However it reminds me of home and bring me that comfort during cold days. Here below I’ll teach you how to make Traditional Polenta ‘Taragna’ with Porcini and other mushrooms. This is super easy.

All you need.

Polenta Taragna (or the kind you find in your closer market)

Champion Mushrooms
Porcini mushrooms (dry or fresh if you are lucky)
White wine

Lets get to it

For 500g of polenta bring to boil 2 litres of water. Then add a pinch of salt, and pour all the corn flour slowly. Whisk it constantly. Until the corn meal becomes compact.
Meanwhile preheat a non-stick pan. Drop a spoon of extra virgin olive oil, then cut a garlic clove, and pan fry it. Drop your sliced mushrooms and sauté with a cup of wine, I used the leftover champagne form NEY. Cook until soft, add salt and pepper to taste. Then add the porcini, if fresh normally as any other mushroom. If dry, first hydrate them with water and then add them into the pan with the rest.

Serve in a deep plate, first the polenta and mushrooms on top.

Traditional Polenta 'Taragna' with Porcini

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