the Spiciest Rice-paper noodles

Rice-paper noodles are something new, and I’ve seen online some people transforming rice paper into rice noodle so I decided today to give it a chance myself.

Let’s see what we need, keep on reading.


Rice paper 2x5sheets
Sesame oil
Sesame seeds
Soy sauce

let’s make Rice-paper noodles

In order to make 10 noodles grabs 5 sheets of rice paper and immerge them into a deep bowl full of water.
Keep it underwater for 10 second and then transfer it on a cutting board. Massage it until all the air bubbles are gone.
Cut it into 10 stripes and transfer the noodles back into cold water so they won’t stick to each other. Repeat this for the other 5 sheets.

Let’s make the chilly oil

Fry in some sesame oil, a garlic clove, chilly flakes and chilly powder. Add a Chinese spice mix: Star anise, bay leaves, cinnamon, cumin, and sichuan peppercorn if you have and top with some sesame seeds and chives.

Now mix it with the noodles and enjoy.

Let me know if you enjoy this Rice-paper noodles
and and if you want to see more vegan asian recipes, I have already a few in mind for the future. Stay tuned for more recipes. 

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