The Shredded tofu Burrito

this Shredded tofu Burrito
Burritos are a dish so versatile and easy to make. You can fill it with whatever you prefer. This time I decided to make taco meat with shredded tofu. Some black refried beans, guacamole and for a crunchy touch some spicy nachos.
I already cooked burritos in different ways. Here you can find the latest recipe, and here another one.

What do you need for The Shredded tofu Burrito?

Large wheat tortilla
Black Beans
Olive Oil
Bay leaves
Mexican Oregano
Cajun spice
Chilly flakes
hot sauce
Shredded cabbage

Let’s prepare the tofu meat

Let’s start by shredding your firm tofu with a cheese grater. You can prepare it the night before by wrapping it around a kitchen cloth and putting on top some weight. In this way the water in excess will be eliminated. In a non-stick pan warm up two table spoon of olive oil. Drop in the pan a minced garlic clove and half of a onion cut in small cubes. Let it cook and the add the tofu. Now it’s the time for the spice mix. So mix in the pan: paprika, Mexican oregano, cumin, salt, pepper, vegan Worcestershire sauce, lime juice and cook until golden.

Refried Black beans

For this recipe I used dried beans that I had to soak over night and boil for two hours until they reach a soft consistency.

Chop an onion, a garlic clove and drop it into a pot with olive oil in abundance. Fry them until golden and add few bay leaves. Then add a spoon of paprika, a table spoon of cumin powder, salt and black pepper. Now it’s time for my secret ingredients. Get your vegan sausage or chorizo and drop the inside into the pan smash it with a spoon and stir well. Afterwards is time to drop the beans into the pan with the other ingredients. To give it a spicy twist I chopped a Jalapeño, don’t do this if you are a beginner! 

Let it cook slowly on low heat for as much time as you can. Most of the time, I leave it on the stove for 3 hours. However, the longer the better. If you feel that the water is evaporating too fast add some once in a while. To give some more taste you can add vegetable broth instead. 

After 3 hours, take the pan out of the stove, be careful is really hot. Take half of the beans out of the pan and blend them with a blender or an immersion one. Pour it back in the pot and mix them together until obtaining that trademark consistence.


Wash your onion very carefully. Slice them in very tiny cubes, the smaller the better. For a medium-big (European) avocado I use half onion. Cut your tomatoes I usually prefer cherries but if you have a favorite one use it! Put them in a drainer with a bit of salt to get out their water. Open your ripe avocado in half, scoop out with a spoon the good stuff and place it in a bowl. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl. It will help you to smash the avocado.

It’s time to get messy. Grab spoon and fork and smash the avocado. You should obtain a soft texture with some chunks. I only do my guacamole in this way. I don’t like to use any blander, indeed. Now you can add the tomatoes and the chopped onion and mix them together. On the cutting board, you can cut a jalapeño and add it to the bowl. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Mix well and garnish it with some coriander leaves, onion slices, and lime wedges. And it’s ready to test.

Let’s assemble the Shredded tofu Burrito

Let’s start by placing the tortilla on your working surface and then add the refried beans, make sure they are not hot. This could break the tortilla.
Then continue adding the tofu, shredded cabbage guacamole and 3 or 4 tacos and some hot sauce. then roll like a pro and wrap the burrito into an aluminium foil. Fell free to warm it up in a pan and enjoy your burrito with more hot sauce.

Let me know if you enjoy this Shredded tofu Burrito
and and if you want to see more burrito recipes, I have already a few in mind for the future. Stay tuned for more recipes. 

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