The Rainbow-Rye Sandwich

I was living in Germany for a while a few years ago, something I love and I don’t find so easily in Lisbon is rye bread. In Germany is everywhere from breakfast to dinner time and it’s eaten also as a snack. In fact, rye is such a common bread ingredient that German breads are classified by the amount of rye content they contain. I finally found some last week and I got this great idea for the Rainbow-Rye Sandwich. It is full of veggies and super colorful. Therefore it is perfect for an after-holiday detox or for a quick lunch.

I marinate carrots with some spice and liquid smoke and OMG it’s a blast! I will add this to every of my dishes form now on.

The Rainbow-Rye Sandwich

Bread type: Ray Bread

that’s what inside The Rainbow-Rye Sandwich:

Home made hummus
Homemade hot sauce
Marinated Carrots
Purple Cabbage

For the Smokiness:

soy sauce
liquid smoke
smoked paprika

How to make The Rainbow-Rye Sandwich:

Grab two slices of your favourite rye bread, I used the one they sell in lidl, I saw the same brand in Germany and I think is quite good. Place them on a hot pan and toast them until warm. 

Then take the first slice and spread your hummus. I always make mine at home, if you are curious to know how I make it leave a comment below. 

After it’s time to add your hot sauce, same as above. I did it. You wanna know my little secret ?!


it’s time for the best. Previously peel medium-big size carrot. then slice it in super thin slices just like ribbons. I helped myself with a potato peeler. And I think is the best and fastest solution to reach this result. Then place them into a container, and add olive oil, soy sauce, liquid smoke, and smoked paprika, for a super smokiness.
So Leave marinate for 10-30 minutes.
Then add the smoky carrots to your sandwich laying them one by one.

Then add the shredded red cabbage.
Afterward, on the other bread slice spread & smash some ripe avocado Hass and sprinkle it with a bit of salt to taste.
Now close it and wrap it inside the baking paper.
Cut and taste!

Honestly, I was surprised form the taste of this and It over exceeded my expectation! I think I will survive with this and only this sandwich for the rest of my life. Let me know if you like it as I do. 

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