The Best Vegan Doughnuts are from Lisbon

The best vegan doughnuts in the world are right here in Lisbon, courtesy of Scoop ‘n Dough. We’re here to give you the scoop on why Happy Cow voted them as the best of the best, only 10 months after they opened their doors to the world and the game ain’t been the same since.

The Scoop ‘n Dough world-famous doughnuts.

The Scoop ‘n Dough Story

Scoop ‘n Dough was the first space in Portugal dedicated to vegan doughnuts and artisanal ice cream. It all started in 2019. Brothers Darchite and Jimite, 29 and 27, started their business with one core idea in mind: family. To serve you as if you were enjoying a meal amongst your family. They share the same ethos we’ve been proud to bring to our restaurants, both in Vegan Junkies and Plant Base. That is the idea that a restaurant isn’t just a place filled with clients, but an actual community.

As of 2021, Scoop ‘n Dough has been ranked “#4 Best Vegan Spot in the World”, by TripAdvisor’s Best of the Best awards, from a selection of 25 restaurants. It has also received other accolades, both focused on their vegan doughnuts as well as their artisanal ice cream.

The idea started coming into existence when Darchite, then 24 years old, became a vegan. As a result, he couldn’t go for walks and eat ice cream like he used to, so he started dreaming of an ice cream shop that didn’t use animal-based products and was sustainable. He studied how he could do it for 3 years. It was just a matter of time before the idea of adding to the roster another celebrated classic from the United States came: the doughnut. Enter Jimite, 22 at the time, who worked with his brother to create their famous dough and bring their unique concept to life.

They opened Scoop ‘n Dough in May 2019 and the rest, as they say, was history.

The Scoop ‘n Dough Vegan Concept

The genius of the Scoop ‘n Dough philosophy is simple: everything is homemade and done in small quantities to maintain it’s true essence and quality. Most of the ingredients are from Portugal and are chosen according to their seasonality.

The Doughnuts

The Scoop ‘n Dough brioche-style doughnuts are created manually and hit that perfect mixture of lightness and flavour, all achieved through plant-based ingredients. This means that not only are they delicious, but they’re also some of the lightest doughnuts ever created, which in Portugal is a feat unto itself. Jimite works endlessly to come up with new flavours that keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

The Ice Cream

The creaminess of the Scoop ‘n Dough artisanal ice cream.

The ice cream is Darchite’s department. He never stopped thinking about what makes ice cream so unforgettable: their texture and creaminess. And it shows. This american-style ice cream has that consistency and density that stays with you after you’ve had it. Their gallery of different flavours is something to behold and always leaves you wondering what’s next.

And just in case you’re not sold on this bucket list of flavours, the brothers have also come up with the ultimate match made in heaven: the ice cream sandwich. The doughnuts are sliced in half and the ice cream is spread in the middle.

Scoop ‘n Dough is in the heart of Lisbon, between Avenida da Liberdade and Rossio.

Located in Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, in the heart of downtown, Scoop ‘n Dough is the perfect cherry on top of the (artisanal) cake after a nice walk around the city. It’s definitely another reason that’s making Lisbon life so good for vegans. Also, it’s a good place to go for dessert, after you’ve eaten one of Plant Base’s delicious pizzas, which is just on the other side of Avenida, some 10 minutes away.

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