The 5 Best Vegan Shops in Lisbon

What are the 5 best vegan shops in Lisbon? Where do we get our ingredients, inspiration and good vibes from?

We already know that the vegan lifestyle has arrived in Lisbon and was met with open arms. There are restaurants scattered all over the city, serving up a huge variety of flavours and small local grocery stores with organic products in most neighbourhoods. We feel privileged and grateful to have another great perk of living in beautiful Lisbon…

Before we share with you our favourite spots to find vegan products, it’s important we mention the change the typical supermarkets have gone through in recent years. With the growth in awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet, these franchises increasingly shed a light on options in eating clean. 

Furthermore, we’ve got to mention the “Celeiro” chain of stores that’s been expanding in lots of Portuguese cities. Their stores have everything, from nutritional supplements and medicine to food courts with hot food, ready to eat. And still, they didn’t make it into our top 5, just to show you how high we’ve raised the bar.

So without further ado, these are Vegan Junkies’ picks for the 5 Best Vegan Shops in Lisbon.

Green Beans / Sapato Verde:

Green Beans mercearia Vegan

Green Beans’ “in bulk” section.

Located in the heart of  Lisbon – Chiado – Green Beans surprises you for the huge variety of products it has. Just so you can get the picture: in the same spot that has that green jackfruit you’ve been looking for, you can also get footwear and fair-trade organic clothing. Green Beans also sells  Beyond Meat products, several types of cheese and other delicacies that we’re big fans of.

Besides the variety, you can always take a break and have some tea and (vegan) biscuits in the shop’s café. The service is always cosy and we’re always happy to see the Green Beans team here at VJ.


queijo vegan

Corisco cheeses at Pistácio.

For starters, Pistácio is right by the Time Out Market in Cais do Sodré, which is almost as central as Green Beans! We can’t complain about the service really, which by the way is super nice and warm. Pistácio also stands out for the exclusivity of its products, which are hard to find elsewhere. Because of this, going to Pistácio is like taking your taste buds on an excursion. We’ve tried stuff like: shrimp, tuna, cold cuts and black pudding sausage, among other vegan treats.  So basically, when new ideas come to our mind we hop over there so we can create freely.


Fresh produce at Miosótis.

Miosótis made our top picks for keeping it 100% fresh. It’s not exclusively vegan, but it’s organic. It is also very central, between uptown and downtown, in Saldanha and we get a lot of our fresh produce from there. 

The service over there is impeccable and it feels like you’re surrounded by people that actually care about the planet. All bio-everything and it has a bicycle park.

Martim Moniz Oriental Market & Food Court (Amanhecer)

mercado oriental chinês

The Food Court in Martim Moniz Oriental Market.

This Martim Moniz market has it all. From the front of the store you’d think it was your regular convenience store, but it’s actually a portal to a universe of flavours. Inside you can buy tahini, peanut butter, a big variety of tofu and lots of oriental products. And that’s only half of it, upstairs, there’s a food court with incredible warm Asian food!

El Corte Inglés

The El Corte Inglés Bio section.

What do you mean you don’t know the bio section of this amazing Spanish chain? We can’t recommend it enough. The variety of vegan products is huge, way above the average of other Portuguese supermarkets. We know that El Corte Inglês isn’t the cheapest place to shop at, but there you can always find rare products for your gastronomical experiments.

To cap things off, we leave you also with two of our favourite online shops: EverVegan and Naturally Green. We’re thankful for their existence on a daily basis.

Lastly, share with us your favourite spots as well! 🙂

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