Stand up from your chair

Stand up from your chair, because #a cultura nao espera sentada. 

stickers : a cultura è para todos  @atuacultura

A small sticker got my attention not more than a week ago around the streets of Lisbon. I took it with me and followed the account on Instagram @atuacultura. Soon I got to know what they have been up to. An opening event of a concept store of the telecommunication company Moche, situated in Santos, Rua do Instituto Industrial, 16. Moche addresses its services to the young community offering them a space where they can grow their hobbies or talents, the space organizes events, workshops, and boot camps: from tricot to HTML. Moche is positioning on the market with a totally new communication strategy: their services vary from telecommunication, which is their main service to the urban trends from gaming to surf and skate, including music and fashion. To give the brand a personal identity and a face six young portuguese came together to create the collective that makes moche so viral. Marta Gonçalves responsible for the fashion collection, Calculo at the consol, João Cardoso aka Cardoz street artist which decorated the whole location, Mariana Sousa the gamer, Gonçalo Vilardebó skating and Mariana Rocha Assis for surf. 

Sculpture at Moche

“Mais que um simples local, é um lugar de pertença, de partilha, de desenvolvimento, de acontecimentos, de tolerância e de inovação”

Cc. Moche 

The shop is decorated with two wall murals from the street artist Cardoz, halfpipe, a recording studio, surfboard workshop, should I go on?! 

Half pipe loja Moche

The clothing collections: basics and upside-down curated by MARTA GONÇALVES are environmentally friendly and produced in Portugal. They use fabrics which are sustainable 100% cotton. For each garment parched is included a sim card that allows you to have GB for your cell phone. 

Loja moche

For the big opening on Thursday the 24th and 25th of June, the lineup is great: workshops, challenges, gaming matches, and skate talks. Friday at the hottest hour of the day the artists Cardoz and Mesk challenged each other in a graffiti battle.

Graffiti battle: Cardoz (on the right) vs Mesk (on the left) 

Cartoz is a poruguese young artist, born in 1995 and raised in Lisbon; he lived in london for some years until the job request make him come back to Lisbon and open a studio, he is a visual exploring illustration as a medium for both personal and commercial purposes. His works are characterized by cartoonish cylinder-head-men which compare many times in his artworks. Mesk or Gustavo Teixera, is a well known illustrator and graffiti artist in Porto with a charismatic and cartoonish style. The graffiti battle started at 11.30am, under the sun the two artists were challenging themselves with brushstrokes and acrylic paint. . 

Following the skate talk session with the skater Gonçalo Vilardebó and the photographer Ruben Morais Claudino.
The two discussed the importance of printing: magazines, pictures, books to name a few. Ruben mentioned that we all live in a digital era, and on social media it happens everything fast. “Click, Like, next. Like, next. Things should be lived a bit more calmly.” comments the photographer.The time you spend on alagic pictures is longer than on pictures on Instagram and that makes you have a relation of some kind between you and the actual photo. In my opinion the use of anologic media is fastly disappearing, as Ruben said we live in an era where everything is ephemeral, and each picture comes and goes with a scroll. Personally I love everything printed, painted or made to be touched and felt. On the other side I truly believe that the new technologies are offering a lot of possibilities to the artists to challenge themselves with new media or techniques,  there are many artists which are experimenting with light, videos or augmented reality among others AkaCorleone with his latest exhibition at Underdogs. (internal link: tba). Being an artist in this fast forward world forces you to keep on with it: new ways of printing, new types of markers, new graphic tablets, ipads, apps, programs and so on. It is good to experiment with the new technology, it will amaze many people however it would never give the personal touch that analog or paper gives. 

Ruben and Goncalo in Skate talks. 

I am glad to see some big companies like Altice to make the urban culture more accessible, allowing the young generation to have an opportunity to learn and have fun by participating at workshops. Along with this Moche by Altice is providing them a stunning space which gives them a palace for inspiration and personal growth. I am curious to see what Moche has in store for the future. 

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