It's Shandar momos

veggies momos


Small in size but huge in power, our pizza master Nabaraj learned the art of
handling high hydrated and slow fermentation pizza dough 6 years ago, when he started working at some of the best pizza restaurants in town. While a truly challenging craft, handling the delicate balls of dough he then slides into our oven isn’t Nabaraj’s main passion. Nabaraj finds his joy folding thin pieces of dough  filled with veggies, that in his land go for the name of Momos. If you are not an hospitality professional in Lisbon, the fact that the Nepalese community are the true gears of the industry may go unseen. Any great restaurant in Lisbon will undoubtedly feature a handful of talented, hard working and committed hands of Nepalese individuals, and at Plant Base it could not be different. It was only a few months after we met Nabaraj that we plunged into the  Nepalese culture, and we were fascinated. Nabaraj shares his flat with a group of other chefs from the same background and it is when they all get home from their busy shifts that the fun starts.

Every night the friends sit around the table, grab some beers and create together award-worthy traditional dishes to put mouths water in an after hour feast. It was on one of these lucky nights we were honored to take part in the idea of Shandar momos sprouted.

At Plant Base, they come in 3 ways: deep fried in a rocket bed and spiced yogurt sauce, steamed in a rich tomato curry soup, or stir fried in a sticky chilli sauce with chunks of peppers and onions. Nabaraj is also our late night DJ of election, unveiling  a full range of South Asian Deep house tracks while smashing mini bottles of beer.