It's Senhor Rito

Original hot sauces made from our homegrown chilis


We are three amigos from Southern California who have found a home in Lisboa, Portugal. While we love it here, there was always a huge hole in our hearts; a lack of good spicy food. SENHOR RITO was born to solve this problem for ourselves. All things spicy is our passion. This includes organically growing all of our own chilis right here in Lisboa at our own urban farm: Horta SENHOR RITO. We are there from chili seed to sauce bottling,  keeping a lustful eye over the whole process. We grow the chilis and use our own sauces daily.

If you are like us and spicy food is your jam,

SENHOR RITO is your guy.


Urban Farm

We use our very own homegrown peppers to spice things up. Unable to get a steady supply of ‘super hots’ + heeps of COVID-lockdown-related home time resulted in the creation of Lisbon city center’s largest organic chili farm: HORTA SENHOR RITO. 15+ varieties & countless kilos of produce later, we armed ourselves with enough firepower to wreak havoc on Lisbon through the winter. The 2021 grow season is set to dwarf last year’s. Be scared, be very scared.