“Pulled Pork” sandwich – I want it all

Welcome to the vegan recipes section! you’ll find here the recipe for a grate mushroom pulled-pork burger. Whether you are craving some junk food or you are planning a dinner with friends or family, this recipe is the best solution. “Pulled Pork” sandwich is a typical dish of United State, more specifically a souther dish.

I want it all

Only 30 minutes of preparation for a granted success. You’ll have to lick your fingers, the plate and the pan. “Pulled Pork” sandwich comes with a side of coleslaw. Which is a cabbage salad with a mayonnaise dressing. You can enrich the sandwich with some pickles or pickled jalapeño or your favorite hot sauce, I got mine form Senho Rito, or even caramelised onion for a great taste. I paired the sandwich with my spicy paprika potatoes baked in the oven. So let’s get to it!

Oyster mushroom pulled pork

In order to obtain your pulled pork “meat” get your oyster mushrooms, wash them carefully, dry them with a kitchen paper or a towel and shred them with a fork. While the pan is warming up, pour a spoon of extra virgin olive oil. Cut your onion in thin slices, and mince a garlic clove and add to the frying pan when hot. Stir well and panfry them until golden.

It’s time for the good stuff! Drop your shredded mushroom to the pan, stir well for few minutes and let’s season it! Add all the dry elements: a pinch of salt, a tea-spoon of ground black pepper, a table spoon of paprika, a tea-spoon of chilly powder. Pay attention with the chilly the things might get spicy in here. And don’t forget a spoon of sugar to sweeten it up!
Now it’s time for the wet ingredients: add a spoon of mustard, and one of tomato paste, a spoon of liquid smoke (this is pure gold!). the liquid smoke will give to the mushroom that smoky flavour we all want to taste in a good sandwich. As last half a cup of orange juice. Let it cook for 5 to 10 minutes until the mushrooms are tender. Fell free to add salt and other spices to fit your taste.


To freshen up the sandwich I prepared a vegan coleslaw, from the Dutch term koolslameaning ‘cabbage salad’), originally from Netherland, now this salad is used allover the world. It consist in shredded cabbage and a dressing; more commonly mayonnaise or vinaigrette.


Grab your cabbages, wash them carefully and cut them finely on a cutting board. Then leave them a side and shred your carrots I used a cheese grater. Unite them with the cabbage into a large bowl add a pinch of salt to taste, some drop of white vinegar and a generous amount of Vegan Junkies garlic mayo. Make sure you don’t need to kiss anyone afterwards. 😉 Mix it up and it’s ready to go!

The final touch

Grab you purple bun, from the iconic Big Poppa, slice it in half place your mushroom meat on the bottom and add a big spoon of cale slaw. Close the bun with the top half, add your baked potatoes and pour some of Senhor Rito Taco Piss sauce. And it’s ready to taste.



White cabbage, 
Red cabbage,
EVO oil,
White vinegar  
Vegan Junkies Garlic Mayo


 “Pulled pork”

Oyster Mushroom,
Tomato Paste, Mustard,
Liquid Smoke,
Orange juice,
Black Pepper,
SenhorRito’s taco piss hot sauce

And oh my god you can’t believe how good this is! I want it all!


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