Poke Bowl with Super Crunchy tofu

Poke Bowl (pronounced poh-kay, rhymes with okay) literally means “to cut crosswise into pieces.” It’s a simple dish made of chopped seafood, generally, tuna, marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, and mixed with onion. My variation, obviously Vegan, consists of crunchy tofu pan-fried topped with spicy agave syrup, avocado, and seaweed over a bowl of super healthy brown rice. 

All the ingredients: 

Brown Rice

Alga nori 

Dry tofu 

Bread crumbs 

Corn flakes (unsweetened)






Soy Sauce

Sesame Seeds

Sesame oil 

How to make Poke Bowl

Bring to boil some water and add your brown rice cook for 35-40 minutes until it’s tender.

In the meantime prepare the batter and the crumbs for the crunchy tofu. In a bowl pour some unsweetened corn flakes and crush them roughly with your hands. Then add some bread crumbs and paprika and salt, and mix everything together. In another bowl, add flour, paprika, soy sauce, pepper, and water. Shape the tofu in the way you like the best, I kept them in squares. 

Pass each piece of tofu first into the batter then into the crumbs, repeat for all the pieces and set aside. In a non-stick pan heat up two tablespoons of olive oil, and when it’s hot place your tofu bites in. Cook both sides for 4-5 minutes until golden brown and super crispy.

Drain the rice and let it cool, afterwards ad a splash of rice vinegar and mix it well. 

Assemble the Poke Bowl

Place the rice in a bowl. Then cut a half avocado into cubes and scoop out the good stuff and add it on top of the rice. Then place the crunchy tofu. Add the alga nori and the seaweed salad called Goma wakame I got from the shop in Martim Moniz at Amanhecer. Top the crunchy tofu with the spicy agave syrup. Garnish with black sesame seeds and season with soy sauce. Enjoy with a pair of chopsticks, 

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