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Plant Base 🌱 is the new sprout of the Vegan Junkies family. What was initially designed to be the first full Neapolitan vegan pizzeria in Portugal has turned into a space where a collective and cosmopolitan kitchen lays.

Our goal: To create our space for small entrepreneurs dedicated to seed the principles and benefits of a lifestyle free of animal cruelty, but struggling to find resources to let their dreams grow.

Besides Baked, the new brand of pizzas from Vegan Junkies, for the opening we will count with the curries, pakoras, chutneys, straight from Pakistan from Bash; 36 tacos: 3 different tacos changing every month; Banana Spicy: no waste banana, Shandar momo: Handmade nepalese momos and Vegan Junkies Burger with a twist. 

We expect to keep on announcing new partners in the next weeks, creating a helping network to the community. For more info, email to: 

Baked is the most recent project of the Vegan Junkies Club: Vegan Green Pizza on Neapolitan Style. Commuted to destroy any(if there is still) cliché that vegan food is all about salad, Baked brings another answer for when all the body needs is a good dose of calories. 

The recipes follows the neapolitan rules: a blend of 00 and 002 flour, 70% hidratation and 24 hours fermentation.

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We brought some of Vegan Junkies classics downtown, with a twist: Beyond Meat Burgers or a deep fried tofu” burger. Try it with a side of French or sweet potatoes. 


Salad days are over.

Much earlier than the first recipe from Vegan Junkies arise, Bash was already our crews official chef for our family dinners, and the most inspiration for flavors and exotic spices. Natural from Islamabad, Bash came to Portugal in 2014 and became a colleague, friend, and part of the family, and today prepares himself for his first solo fly. 

Besides his delicious pine smoked cauliflowers served in a homemade curry sauce, we highly recommend his twist on a homeland classic, a hyper concentrated and spicy curry with Jackfruit.

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Tacos from our partnership with Martha Tomè are out of this world, take care and don’t miss any of them. The tacos are changing every month, always spicy with Senhor Rito Sauces as a side. 

Banana Spicy  is the latest project steaming out of our kitchen. We team up our pizza dough with 2 different toppings:

-Banana pulp chutney
-Banana skin caponata

Zero waste, tasty AF, and bloody creative. Have you tried yet?

Shandar momo the new project of masterchef Nabaraj Kandel. Handmade nepalese momos filled with broccoli, carrots, soy chunks and onions and can be served 3 ways : Fried Momos with Yogurt sauce and rucula
Steamed in tomato curry sauce
Stir fried in chilli sauce.

The go for for spicy food lovers.

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