Pizza Cook Off

Nesta quinta-feira dia 11 as estrelas dos mercados de Sintra, e reis da fermentação, Portela Da Ginja, trazem das suas viagens inspiração para um menu especial de pizza, a sair do nosso forno por um Pizza Cook off, incluindo: 🍕
-A Italiana- Salsicha Picante, tomates, Cebolas roxas em pickles, infusão de manjericão, e Queijo de Tomate “Creamchie’z”
-Emirados- Beringela, Tomates, Cebolas fermentadas, relish, Za’atar, Menta, Rúcla e “Creamchie’z”
-A Indiana: Fr’ngo Tikka Masala, Panner de Tofu, Cebola Roxa, Coentros, “Creamchie’z”
-A Coreana: Kimchi, Tomates, Rebentos, e Queijo de Tomate “Creamchie’z”
O menu de Burgers, Tacos, Pizzas, Curries and Momos vão estar também disponíveis para quem queira encher a mesa sem medo da balança no dia seguinte.
Partimos as 6:30 com DJ set 🔊 do @thechilloutexperiment , e um Cocktail Special Why Not! whynotsoda 🍹

This Thursday the 11th, the stars from Sintra Markets and masters of fermentation, @porteladaginga , invade our kitchen with a special menu of sourdough pizza inspired on their travels around the world for a Pizza cook off, including:
Spicy Sausage, Tomatoes, Pickled Red Onions, Basil Oil, Sharp Tomato Creamchie’z
The Emirates
Eggplant, Tomatoes, Fermented Onion Reslish, Za’atar, Mint, Rocket, Creamchie’z
The Indian
Chick’n Tikka Masala, Tofu Paneer, Red Onions, Coriander, Creamchie’z
The Korean
Kimchi, Tomatoes, Sprouts/Microgreens, Sharp Tomato Creamchie’z
Our Burgers, Tacos, Pizzas, Curries and Momos will also be available for the ones looking for that autumn comfort food.
We kick off at 18:30 with a DJ set from the Chill Out Experiment, and special cocktails from Why Not.

I hope I see you all there. #I don’t want to miss a thing !


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