Pimentos Padrão insanely easy appetiser

Pimentos Padrão insanely easy appetiser, indeed in Portugal and Spain are eaten as petiscos or tapas. Indeed I tried them for the first time in Spain and I fell in love. This recipes is super simple and it would be a great start for any of your dinner. In Italy there is a similar recipe for the peppers called friggitelli which are quite similar to Pimentos Padrão and I cook them in the Italian way: with a garlic clove and some cherry tomatoes.

insanely easy appetiser

Let’s prepare these insanely easy appetiser with Pimentos Padrão. Wash your pepper well. Get your best non-sticky pan and pour abundant olive oil, more or less 4 table spoon. Heat the pan on high heat and when is super hot drop the peppers. Leave them to crisp on the pan and turn them when they start to get bubbly. Repeat this 3 times. Boom done! Serve on a plate with some salt and they are ready to eat.

These are so good for starting a meal and opening the mouth of your stomach for more. Pimentos Padrão are one of my favorite vegan appetiser, super easy to make. You must try!

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