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Partners in crime

We are a community of chefs, entrepreneurs, creatives, writers activists, but mainly people sharing the same goal: creating a inclusive space for vegan and vegan friendly people and businesses. Through our website, our instagram community and other platforms we are creating, we connect people interested in learning about plant base options outside the already known vegan axis. We spontaneously generate content for the restaurant involved.

Vegan Cakes

Dominique left the buzzing life in Amsterdam right in the beginning of 2020 after countless visits, and decided to find her delight in the sweet southern European Style and its sun rays.

Pakistani Modern Cuisine

Though never a fully Vegan Junkies staff members, Bash was always an inspiration. His boldness to use spices, herbs and sauces has become part of our ethos, and to watch the announcement of his intention to deep dive into the cooking world was a pleasant surprise for us. Today Bash is part of the world food scene in Lisbon, contemporary Pakistani food, traditional flavors from back home made with local products, family recipes with his own modern twists. Bash food is a permanent food concept at Plant Base Chiado, weekly dinners at cocasa Lisboa and a recurrent pop up at Domingos no Arroz.

Original Hot Sauces

SENHOR RITO was born to solve the lack of spicy food in their heat. All things spicy is their passion. This includes organically growing all of their own chilis right here in Lisboa at our own urban farm: Horta SENHOR RITO are there from chili seed to sauce bottling,  keeping a lustful eye over the whole process. We grow the chilis and use their own sauces daily. If you are like them and spicy food is your jam, SENHOR RITO is your guy.

No Waste

Living life like a true rockstar, Molina is the head chef of Plant Base’s kitchen and the creator of Banana Spicy. Born in the southernmost part of Brazil, Molina played Banjo, Bass, Guitar, and sang in various popular bands in Brazil before fully committing to his career as chef. Banana Spicy is a head- to-toe zero waste project in our kitchen. Ripened bananas have their pulp turned into a sweet and spicy chutney, and the skin to Caponata (a mix with onions, peppers and olive oil). Both of them are then spread into 2 bruschettas made out of our pizza dough and tossed into our burning hot oven.


Nabaraj finds his joy folding thin pieces of dough filled with veggies, that in his land go for the name of Momos. At Plant Base, they come in 3 ways: deep fried in a rocket bed and spiced yogurt sauce, steamed in a rich tomato curry soup, or stir fried in a sticky chilli sauce with chunks of peppers and onions.


36Tacos is the marriage of Lisbon’s most traditional hip-hop bar, and the queen of Mexican food, Martha Tomé. Every month, the VJ team and Martha sit around a table and discuss what will be the 3 tacos of the month. Traditional dishes turned into vegan or legit plant based indigenous recipes. 36Tacos é o casamento do bar mais tradicional de Hip-Hop de Lisboa, e a rainha da comida Mexicana, Martha Tomé.


Lisboa vegana

Lisboa Vegana is a collective of entrepreneurs from various commercial areas in Lisbon. Our union is the result of the crisis that affects small and medium entrepreneurs around the world, and is focused on the eminent need for social reflection on the importance of adopting more sustainable consumption habits for the environment.

Vegan Activism
O mundo verde

O mundo Verde

We are a Movement / Brand promoting Veganism in Portugal. For a Greener World. No Animal Exploitation. We are a page from Portugal.