Our Vegan Burger Recipe

How do you make Vegan Junkies’ homemade vegan burger recipe? Finding the perfect recipe for our household Patty was the first step. Today we show you how it’s done.

VJ Patty served with “So Fresh and So Clean”.

The story of our burger recipe comes from even before the idea that we wanted to open a vegan restaurant. The necessary creativity to make a patty that is tasty, has a pleasant and consistent texture that will delight at every bite and a great look – because first we eat with our eyes – was what got us hooked on vegan cuisine.

There were years of experimentation, while our chefs cooked at the hostel where they previously were working, where every opportunity to test the guests’ approval was taken.

Until finally, we found the burger foundation that was closest to our goal.

Here is the VJ Patty recipe:


  • 500 g of mushrooms;
  • 500 g of boiled black beans;
  • 150 g of oat flour;
  • 125g of cooked brown rice;
  • 75ml of Liquid smoke;
  • 15g of caramelized onion.

After you’ve roasted the mushrooms with salt in the oven (to your liking), grind them together with the boiled black beans, while adding slowly the liquid smoke and the caramelized onion. When everything is crushed, add in the cooked brown rice and mix everything by hand… Without fear, it’s not going to bite, you and your friends are. Add the oat flour to the dough you’ve already made and keep mixing until the texture is good enough to shape.

You can use a ring or your hands to mould the burgers. And presto! After you grill it or bake it, add the VJ Patty to your dream sandwich!

VJ Patty served with “Mathematics”.

Personally, I prefer the VJ Patty over the Beyond Burger. The light and natural flavour feels much better than the meat simulating burgers. Not only that, but they’re more nutritious while also catering to your junk food cravings!

Try it at home, improvise and share your recipes with us! #VjPatty

Oh!! You can totally freeze the already made dough to cook in the future.

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