Our Amazing Homemade Vegan Junkies Sauces

One of the certainties we’ve had since the first day of Vegan Junkies was that we wanted to stand out for the quality of our products and the difference we wanted to bring to the market. It was from that will that our mayos and homemade sauces were born. Our team made each sauce with specific dishes in mind, but honestly, it’s always up to each one’s taste. 

Between us, all of them work well either separately or together (but don’t tell anyone)

Chipotle Mayo

The queen of the menu, a smoked and spicy mix, perfect for those barbecue cravings. On our menu, it comes as a side to our cheeseburgers with beyond meat and it is also part of our famous Loaded Nachos.

Garlic Mayo

Simple and effective, our garlic mayo is made from a mix of garlics in different preparations, salt and olive oil. Perfect for that decadent day and filled with flavour, it’s the side for our house special, the Notorious B.I.G ‘Juicy’.

Coriander, Garlic and Lime Mayo

Fresh and exotic, our coriander, garlic and lime mayo tastes like summer, and maybe because of that, fits in so well with our Mathematics, with guacamole and stir-fried peppers.

Barbecue Sauce

Our BBQ sauce isn’t an attempt at recreating the non-vegan option of this renowned sauce. More light, it still has that smoked and sweet taste, however it’s an invitation to try new recipes, siding harmoniously with our cauliflower “Wings”.

Garlic and BBQ Mayo

Our newest addition is a combination of our 2 most celebrated sauces. It was created to harmonize with our smoked tofu nuggets.

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