meatlessballs for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner so today we’ll learn how to make meatlessballs.
I’m not from united state so my recipe will shift more on the Italian way of making meatballs. So keep on reading for the full recipe.


beyond meat (optional)
flax seeds egg; (flax seeds+water)
bay leaf
tomato sauce
olive oil
liquid smoke
nutritional yeast

procedure for meatlessballs

Let’s start by soaking for 6 hours the lentils. Then boil them in water or veggie stock for 40 minutes. Afterwards drain them from the water.
In a pan fry chopped onion and minced garlic. Then add the lentils and beyond meat or soy, and stir well, you are free on adding all the spices you like. I added bay, origano, garlic, liquid smoke, salt and pepper. Transfer it into a bowl and let it cool down. After that, add the flax egg, made with grounded flax seeds and warm water, and add the nutritional yeast, mix everything together until you have a thick ‘dough’, if what you get is too wet you can add some flour.

Grab some of the mixture and shape into balls, pan fry them on a non-stick or bake till golden. For a saucy sauce add tomato sauce and cooked green peas into a pan and slow cook for 30 minutes. enjoy! with smash potato and your favorite sides.

Let me know if you enjoy this meatlessballs recipe. 
and and if you want to see more vegan holidays recipes, I have already a few in mind for the future. Stay tuned for more recipes. 

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