How to Make the Best Vegan Mayo in Lisbon?

Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying Vegan Junkie-less. From now on, we will share with you some of the classic recipes from the coolest vegan restaurant in town. Today’s secret: VJ Mayo!

Several sauces from Vegan Junkies – all mayo-based.

Even though we’re going through a tough time, we’ve got a special power against the Pandemic: unity. And together we can find the strength to stay home and fill our day with special moments. For that, nothing better than sharing smiles, stories, music and what we do best, Vegan Junkies food!

For the next weeks we will share some of the recipes from our restaurant that you can easily try at home. Did you really think you’d miss out on Vegan Junkies during Lockdown???

Besides that, we will be open for take-away from our restaurant (our menu), from Uber Eats and soon, on other home delivery apps.

Don’t forget, you can always reach us on social media for any questions!

For starters, the foundation for our flavour, the soul of our recipes. Legend has it, our chefs were at a spiritual retreat, high up in the Himalayan peaks with Tibetan monks, testing the perfect balance between ingredients and skill, until they found the flavour that gives supernatural chills to our taste buds…But legends aside, the taste is real.

How to make the foundation for the VJ vegan mayo:


  • One can of chickpeas (150g), but only use the water from the can (Aquafaba);
  • 30 ml of vinegar;
  • Salt as you see fit;
  • Vegetable Oil.

Mix the Aquafaba, vinegar and salt in a big bowl. Use a magic wand to mix the ingredients, while slowly adding the oil. The mayo is ready when it starts solidifying and is consistent enough to not slide from the magic wand.

Here at Vegan Junkies, we use a series of other ingredients to make incredible versions of sauces: chipotle, mustard, garlic, coriander, lemon, sriracha… We dare you to share your ideas!

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