First step in the temple of light

A digital faith. 

Have you ever felt that the time could stop? That you spaced out for some minutes and get amazed by color light reflection? That’s just a taste of the incredible experience it is possible to encounter at Underdogs latest exhibition, the Temple of Light by Aka Corleone.

The famous Portuguese multi-disciplinary artist Pedro Campiche, who goes as Akacorleone in the art world. He celebrated his eleventh year of career with this exhibition at Underdogs, in Marvila. Underdogs is a cultural platform based in Lisbon, Portugal that encompasses a gallery, a public art programme, the production of artist editions. Pedro started his career as a graphic designer after graduating from the course in Design and Visual communication in 2007 at IADE Universitade Eeuropeia. He quickly recognised that the job as graphic designer was not for him. However, we have to take a step back in time in order to understand: when and how Predo Camiche did finally become the visual artist we all know? Few years back Pedro was breaking the law painting on walls in the underworld of Lisbon. He admits, in one of his workshops, that after many attempts “I started getting caught way too many times”.  He already experienced work in illustration area. Afterwards, he decided to bring this into the street and transformed graffitism in his profession as artist and murals. As a result, he took illustration to another dimension and he made his art accessible for a larger and wider public.

Corleone painted many square meters of the urban fabric of Lisbon from 2012 until now. His first work It All Falls Down in Amadora for Mural Painting for Amadora BD Festival. From there AkaCorleone always improved and developed himself and his techniques.

One of my personal favourites is Chaos Anamorphic Illusion Painting on containers commissioned by Village Underground in Alcantara. Which it is a unique platform for creativity, art and culture. You can either stop by Village Underground, and enjoy a drink or grab a bite sitting inside one of those containers or an old bus. The architecture out of the ordinary was originally constructed with containers converted into co-working space, and busses transformed into restaurants.

One of his latest mural is in Beets bar, hip-hop vibes and great drinks. It is located on the back of the vegan lab Plant Base, in Rua Oliveira ao Carmo 9, close to convento do Carmo, Chiado and Bairro Alto neighbourhoods. A perfect spot to enjoy good craft beers, sick beats, and maybe a bite of some delicious vegan treats.

Corleone experimented not only with graffiti and murals but also with different technique: printing, sculptures, lights and augmented reality. Therefore, he shows his malleability as an artist and his ability in mastering almost any kind of media.

Equality is this stunning window at the Miradouro Panoramico de Monsanto.  It is must visit for all the graffiti lovers; plus it has an amazing view over Lisbon and the river Tejo. The window is permanent installation commissioned from the Camera Municipal de Lisboa. The artwork was curated by Underdogs gallery for Festival Iminente in 2020.

“EQUALITY became the visual manifestation of something essential to this project, the idea of starting a conversation about equality of gender, race, rights, options, but in reality, about freedom, about claiming our right to see change, to be a part of change, towards a more inclusive, understanding and free environment for all.”

AKA Corleone

But let’s step into Underdogs current exhibition the Temple of light, possible to visit from Monday to Sunday in Marvila, in Lisbon and it is free of charge.

Are you ready to witness something otherworldly?! A solo exhibition which extends from physical and digital, dark and light.

The artist develops his works as a path to an idealism which can be found or not. This is up to the viewer; the whole journey is subjective and it depends entirely on us what we experience after viewing Corleone’s work. The Pandemic and isolation were crucial for the creation of this exhibition.

Corleone created different installations: light panels, neons and coloured windows which create a dense game of lights. Which in the gallery combined with a digital touch. Corleone allows us to experience virtual reality in an easy way. Indeed it is as simple as using a instagram filter. The artist used the social media platform as a sort of Mecca for its own cult. A space where people can ponder, admire and hope for the best. A place where you can step into the light path, and start a mental journey in a new digital faith.

Firstly, As soon as I walked in the dark space of Underdogs Gallery I started experiencing some different thoughts. I start wondering about the possible connection between the absence of light in the area. Simultaneously, the presence of artificial light reminded me about the compulsive use of social media in our lives. A act that unfortunately fulfil the void that isolation inflicted to each of us. In Conclusion, I conceived The Temple of Light brings us some kind of faith. I like to call it hope and mental peace.The mix of colours, light, shapes mixed together at his best.

Find more about analog and digital art in our last article.

  Check the filter here and point your phone to the screen for the full experience : click the link

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