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Not – tuna steak Incredible

Not – tuna steak Watermelon can be used as tuna replacement if seasoned and prepared in the right way. Sea weed gave it an amazing fishy taste. Ingredients WatermelonSoy Sauce

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Pita with a twist

I wanted to change a bit the recipe of my usual pita which you can find here. I added a bunch of spices to the flour and coated it with

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wholesome roasted Cauliflower Head

wholesome roasted Cauliflower Head it’s a simple recipe that would impress all your friends and family. Learn how to roast a whole cauliflower head, with just 10 minutes prep and

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Healthy Home-made granola

Good morning fellas! are you facing a good smoothie bowl with some home-made granola for breakfast?! Keep on reading. I will share all my secret for the perfect granola. Granola is

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Bash & Beers at 8a

Pakinstani contemporary cousine meets craft beers at Oitava Marques. Come and taste some Vegan Karahi, Pakoras, Tikka Masala & Craft beers at Oitava in Marques de Pombal, Av. Duque de

Os nossos molhos

Uma das certezas que tivemos desde o primeiro dia de Vegan Junkies foi de que nos queríamos destacar pela qualidade dos nossos produtos e pela diferença que poderíamos trazer ao

Vegan supermarkets

Vegan supermarkets in Lisbon

 As the heart of an ever growing cosmopolitan Portugal, Lisbon is leading a green revolution. This charming city has been increasing its vegan offer year after year. If you are in

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What is the Beyond Burger Made of?

What is the Beyond Burger Made of? What are the ingredients of the most sold vegan burger in our restaurant? We went looking for the secrets of the Beyond Burger’s

Our Vegan Burger Recipe

How do you make Vegan Junkies’ homemade vegan burger recipe? Finding the perfect recipe for our household Patty was the first step. Today we show you how it’s done. VJ

How to Make the Best Vegan Mayo in Lisbon?

Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying Vegan Junkie-less. From now on, we will share with you some of the classic recipes from the coolest vegan restaurant in town. Today’s

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