It's Banana Spicy

No Waste project


Living life like a true rockstar, Molina is the head chef of Plant Base’s kitchen and the creator of Banana Spicy. Born in the southernmost part of Brazil, Molina played Banjo, Bass, Guitar, and sang in various popular bands in Brazil before fully committing to his career as chef. Famous for nezeep breaths for Molina to come up with an idea when we announced we were looking for a head-to-toe zero waste project in our kitchen.

Banana Spicy was Molina’s answer: Ripened bananas have their pulp turned into a sweet and spicy chutney, and the skin to Caponata  (a mix with onions, peppers and olive oil). Both of them are then spread into 2 bruschettas made out of our pizza dough and tossed into our burning hot oven. If you are now pointing your fingers at us blaming us for crashing one more rockstar’s dream, put that finger down, Molina is about to launch his latest album, that talks about his personal experiences during lockdown, love and life. Didn’t we say nothing goes to waste here?