A Vegan Luxury Hotel by the Beach

There’s a vegan luxury hotel in Costa Rica and it’s right by Tamarindo Beach. Mother Earth Vegan Hotel is the first vegan hotel in Costa Rica. Join us, as we walk you through a high-end vegan experience in paradise!

Mother Earth Vegan Hotel, just minutes from Tamarindo Beach.

A 100% Plant-based Vegan Luxury Hotel

It’s not just in Lisbon that the vegan word is spreading. Surprisingly, Costa Rica has its own new take on living green.

This vegan luxury hotel opened last March in Tamarindo, a town famous for beaches and surf. It’s a family-run resort that gives you a high-end, 100% plant-based, eco-friendly experience. The hotel was built on the family’s former house, with 14 guest rooms, a yoga studio and a natural saltwater pool. It also has its own vegan restaurant, Off the Grid, that’s got a zero-waste pledge.

Mother Earth’s plant-based philosophy also includes the use of eco-conscious furniture and cleaning products. In addition to this, the hotel uses solar energy for power and recycles wastewater for irrigation.

Poolside Vegan Restaurant

Off the Grid is Mother Earth’s in-house restaurant by the pool. The menu has crispy starters like a grilled kabob skewer (with Beyond meat) and some buffalo cauliflower wings, that you already know we’re down with. Not only that, but there are also hearts of palm “crab” cakes and stuffed mushrooms, among the chef’s specials.

“Crab” cakes from Off the Grid, MEV’s own restaurant.

A Vegan Paradise in Costa Rica

Surfing, diving and going to the beach are some of the many things you can do in Costa Rica. As a result, the town of Tamarindo is a popular vacation spot. People even go there to see rare turtle nests!

With this in mind, Mother Earth wants to be the best oasis for its visitors. Especially the ones that travel consciously. Because of this, the hotel is getting great feedback from the guests.

Mother Earth Vegan mixes modern architecture with a chill atmosphere.

Playa Tamarindo

Tamarindo is a small beach town, 45 minutes aways from the Liberia Airport. Besides surfing, it’s also a great place for mountain hiking, zip lining or just enjoying its beautiful coast. It’s a peaceful but vibrant town, perfect for nature-loving travellers.

And in case you’re afraid it’s too calm, no worries. Mother Earth is in a quiet neighborhood, but close to all the restaurants, bars and of course, the beach.

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