±maismenos± and Fiumani at Underdogs

From today until the 16th of October, find local artist’s ± maismenos ± exhibition “Yes or No Future” at Underdogs. A critical and polarized point of view on the evolution of society, and the outcomes post pandemics.
±maismenos± and Fiumani at Underdogs bring up the thematics of his eco and socio-political art.

This issue may vary over problems of capitalism, oppression, the system, the working-class, and so on. This time he focussed on the future collecting the artworks in his solo exhibition “YES OR NO FUTURE “. 

For The Capsule Collection Section, find the solo work of Italian Artist @fiumani “Cazzo”. “Cazzo” is the artist’s reflection on the dilemma of technology over waste. Fiumani is an eco-artist, who likes to protest about the socio-political situation. In his exhibition, he wants to challenge the eco or ego-system we are all living in. By creating transgressive art pieces Fiumani wants to make people understand how compromised is the planet. Earth is a trash can, and we all know or at least we should. Fiumani combines waste and technologists creating a vibrating tension and an intriguing aesthetic. 

Both pieces sample their contrasting points of view of the society.

And one should not miss a chance to get a peep on that.

here’s the link to the event. Check the exhibition’s article of ±maismenos± and Fiumani at Underdogs here.


De hoje até dia 16 de outubro, a não perder a exibição do artista ± maismenos ± “Yes or No Future”, na galeria Underdogs.

Uma crítica polarizada do seu ponto de vista sobre a evolução da sociedade e os resultados de um mundo pós pandemico.

Na Secção da cápsula, pode ver também o trabalho solo do artista italiano @fiumani “Cazzo”. Que è uma reflexão do artista sobre o dilema entre tecnologia e desperdício.

Ambos os trabalhos documentam os diferentes pontos de vista sobre o actual estado da sociedade não deve ser mesmo perdido por ninguém que tenha a possibilidade de os visitar.

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