Plano de contingência (COVID-19)

O Vegan Junkies deverá adotar as seguintes medidas: ✓ Alertar o trabalhador com sintomas e ligação epidemiológica (compatíveis com a definição de caso suspeito de COVID-19), procedendo de forma célere

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A digital faith.  Have you ever felt that the time could stop? That you spaced out for some minutes and get amazed by color light reflection? That’s just a taste

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Bash & Beers at 8a

Pakinstani contemporary cousine meets craft beers at Oitava Marques. Come and taste some Vegan Karahi, Pakoras, Tikka Masala & Craft beers at Oitava in Marques de Pombal, Av. Duque de

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On Focus


I didn't know i was vegan

We are a collective of individuals who have veganism as a diet but also as a philosophy of life and no, our life is not boring and full of restrictions. Our mission is to connect people and show that veganism goes beyond the restrictive diet we’re talking about!

O mundo verde
Vegan Junkies Club

Partners in crime

We are a community of chefs, entrepreneurs, creatives, writers activists, but mainly people sharing the same goal: creating a inclusive space for vegan and vegan friendly people and businesses. Through our website, our instagram community and other platforms we are creating, we connect people interested in learning about plant base options outside the already known vegan axis. We spontaneously generate content for the restaurant involved.