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Ingredientes do Beyond Burger

De que é feito o Beyond Burguer? Quais são os ingredientes do hambúrguer vegano mais vendido no nosso restaurante? Fomos à procura dos segredos do sabor do Beyond Burger. Os

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Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Lisbon

The second vegan-friendly restaurant in Lisbon is Restaurant ODAAN, and it’s the first one where I didn’t know it was vegan. “I didn’t know it was Vegan” is a series

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Bloodless Halloween

Bloodless halloween it’s in two days ! Plant Base is inviting all the scariest costumes to Bloodless Halloween 🎃 This Halloween night, Monday 31.10 we’ll be bringing back to life

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Chaotic ink Clothing exhibition

A Chaotic Ink Clothing é uma marca de roupa de streetwear criada pela fotógrafa e designer gráfica Irene Canovi, que é também a ilustradora do Vegan Junkies Club.Chaotic Ink é

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Vegan Junkies Club

Partners in crime

We are a community of chefs, entrepreneurs, creatives, writers activists, but mainly people sharing the same goal: creating a inclusive space for vegan and vegan friendly people and businesses. Through our website, our instagram community and other platforms we are creating, we connect people interested in learning about plant base options outside the already known vegan axis. We spontaneously generate content for the restaurant involved.